Kissing a girl?

Answer The simple answer is yes. It's possible to catch herpes just from kissing someone on the mouth. The herpes virus can be spread not only through kissing, but also through sharing utensils and cups. ... Read More »

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How to Master the Art of Kissing?

Do you not seem to be kissing much anymore? Does kissing seem to have gotten boring? Here's how to be a dream kisser.

HIV from kissing?

you don't get HIV from kissing, period, end of story.

How to Spice up Kissing?

So, you're getting bored with your usual kisses. You want to do something different, something exciting, and something a little more daring than what you usually do. Here's how to start:

Can kissing cause HIV?

HIV is transmitted through the exchange of blood, semen or breast milk. HIV cannot be spread through saliva. If an individual has an open, bleeding sore in his mouth, it is possible for HIV to spre... Read More »