Is killing animals for food immoral I'd like to hear some thoughts on this.?

Answer Well, killing animals for food and killing them for survival can mean 2 vastly different things. But, I have no problem with either.It's true we are omnivores, but, it's also true that our body doe... Read More »

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Would you like to have some Spotted Dick British People is this really food?

Hi Sweet Judy, Lol Lol I don't know Judy but i found this to be really funny to me.. How would it sound to us here in The USA.. I want to invite you over for some Spotted Dick.. Now Judy be hones... Read More »

I would like your thoughts on this topic please?

Don't even get me started on that. Some of these morns spill all their personal business to the world. What makes them think i want to hear them complaining about what their b/f-g/f did to them the... Read More »

Sometimes i just feel like killing myself....PLEASE READ THIS!?

Hey there... reading this reminds me of this huge surgery scar I wear proudly on my head. Its practically the entire right side . You see 4 years ago I had AVM. Simply put a blood vessel popped in... Read More »

What is a good website where i can find little silly random thoughts like this?

i dont know, i just wanted this in my answered Q's queue so i could look at all the websites listed