Is kidney failure fatal in dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Acute Kidney Failure Can Be FatalAcute renal failure, which is the sudden deterioration of kidney function, is life-threatening and requires immediate treatment. Symptoms include dimin... Read More »

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Can kidney failure in dogs be reversed?

Canine kidney failure is a common problem. Once it begins, kidney failure cannot be reversed. However, a diet that is low in protein and sodium can help slow symptoms. Because hydration is essentia... Read More »

Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs?

As a dog ages, its body begins to shut down, much like a human's body. Organs may not work as well as they used to, and the dog begins to show signs of diseases and illnesses that will eventually t... Read More »

The Progression of Kidney Failure in Dogs?

Dogs that suffer canine kidney failure (CIN) are no longer able to expel harmful waste products from their blood. Also, they cease being able to balance the fluids in their bodies. Just as it is in... Read More »

Homemade Food for Dogs With Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure in dogs, also known as chronic renal failure (CRN), is a serious condition that can have a number of adverse effects on a dog. When the kidneys are in trouble, they are unable to fil... Read More »