Is juvenile traffic accident report information confidential in Texas?

Answer In Texas, legal data relating to a juvenile---someone 18 years old or younger---is considered confidential in criminal cases. Traffic accident reports also contain confidential information. Chapter... Read More »

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How do I read a Minnesota traffic accident report?

Sections A to CGo to section "A" of the report, which records the time and place of the accident. Section "B" contains the the vehicle and insurance information of the individual who filled out the... Read More »

How to Obtain a Copy of a Traffic Accident Report in Wasilla, AK?

In the event of a traffic accident, notify the police immediately. A police officer will interview the involved parties, as well as any third-party witnesses, to determine how the accident occurred... Read More »

How Do I Get a Traffic Accident Report From the Florida Highway Patrol?

You can request any traffic accident report written by a member of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). However, these reports, referred to by the FHP as Traffic Crash Reports, aren't publicly availab... Read More »

Is a police report required after a traffic accident in Georgia?

A police report is required in Georgia if the traffic accident caused any type of medical injury or resulted in damage to the automobiles in excess of $500. A general damage assessment cost can be ... Read More »