Is judicial representative capitalized?

Answer Judicial representative should be capitalized when used as a formal title and accompanies a person's name. It is also capitalized when it is used to refer to its full governmental departments or me... Read More »

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Would brother-in-law followed by his name be capitalized?

No, brother-in-law is a term, not a title. When you follow the term by the name of the person, you are using a parenthetical construction to identify the particular brother-in-law. So, you might sa... Read More »

Is depreciation a capitalized cost?

Depreciation is a noncash expense that reduces an asset's value time and can be recognized on an income statement. A capitalized cost is a long-term debit on the long-term asset's account that will... Read More »

Is 'national guard' capitalized?

If you are referring to the U.S. Army and Air Force reserves, yes, they are known as the "National Guard." Actually U.S. Army Reserve and Air Force Reserve are federal reserve forces. Air and Army ... Read More »

Is Non-hodgkin's lymphoma capitalized?

It is non-Hodgkin with a capital on the proper name. The apostrophe-s is optional, and many people do not use it any more.