Is jose cuervo margarita mix alcholoic?

Answer Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix does not contain any alcohol. The mix, which comes in classic lime and strawberry lime flavors, is designed to be mixed with ice and tequila to create a traditional margar... Read More »

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Is Jose Cuervo margarita mix alcoholic?

Jose Cuervo's margarita mixes are 9.95 percent alcohol, according to the company website. Jose Cuervo makes two varieties of margarita mix--classic lime and strawberry lime. Both are ready to pour ... Read More »

Who makes Jose Cuervo?

Jose Cuervo makes the brand of tequila known as Jose Cuervo. Based in Jalisco, Mexico, the company has been producing tequila since 1795 when Jose Antonio de Cuervo began commercially producing the... Read More »

What proof is Jose Cuervo tequila?

Jose Cuervo makes a variety of tequilas, ranging from Cuervo Gold to the premium Jose Cuervo platino. All are 80 proof. Jose Cuervo, founded in 1795, was the first producer of tequila in the world.... Read More »

Has anybody ever tried jose cuervo especial gold tequila?

It's gross to me. The clear type taste less gross. But I'm a vodka drinker.