Craft Ideas on the Second Coming of Jesus?

Answer The second coming of Jesus is discussed many times throughout the Bible. However, some of these passages are allegorical and may be difficult for children to comprehend. Crafts can help children re... Read More »

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Did Jesus have back acne?

He was pretty uncomfortable on the cross, so quite likely I'd say

Is H2O coming back?

There are currently 9 seasons of "Smallville". Season 10 has been announced as the last one meaning it is getting cancelled in 2011.

Is NY med coming back to ABC?

No it was just a eight part miniseries. I liked it too.

When is chaser's war on everything coming back on ABC?

Never, the ABC canceled the show. Most likely because it was too controversial and annoying too many politicians. After all the ABC is the only government funded TV channel. Now they are making a s... Read More »