Is jello that's already made & sold in cups supposed to be refrigerated?

Answer Most of them dont need to be , read the label.

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I am taking 2Mg at night I am supposed to take it twice a day thats 4Mg?

If you are referring to magnesium (Mg) it means 4 Mg tablets per day.To avoid preferential absorption of Mg at the expense of calcium (Ca) you might also need to take a calcium supplement unless yo... Read More »

Need a new idea for a website, what do you want to see on the web thats not already there?

How about a website that blacklists all those things we've bought at one time or another that proved to be complete duds. These days you can only find reviews for items that usually highlight posit... Read More »

How many paper cups are sold each year?

Paper cups are readily used for coffee and other hot or cold beverages. About 220 billion paper cups are distributed and sold per year all over the world. North America alone is accountable for mor... Read More »

Are 50 lb sacks of flour supposed to be sold air tight?

Flour, regardless of size or where purchased, should be sold airtight. Flour, especially whole wheat flour, can go rancid. Once purchased, it should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight co... Read More »