Is jealousy the theme of Othello?

Answer While jealousy is one theme of Othello, as Othello is jealous that Desdemona is having an affair, there are many other themes in Othello such as race, pride, magic, order versus chaos and self-know... Read More »

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The villain in Othello is?

Iago. or you could say the villain is society.

Othello Speech Topics?

"Othello" offers a wealth of topics that can provide rich material for a speech. William Shakespeare's play about jealousy and the willingness to believe the worst in those you love covers many dif... Read More »

Language Techniques in "Othello"?

The language of Shakespeare's plays often seems "foreign," even though it is, actually, Modern English, just as we use today. To get over the language hurdle of studying Shakespeare's "Othello," tr... Read More »

How to Write a Reaction Paper to Othello?

Writing a reaction paper about Shakespeare's "Othello" can seem like a challenging task. Writing about Shakespeare is never easy, but this is your chance to showcase your opinions and thoughts. Wi... Read More »