Is jamie going to kill her baby or raise it?

Answer no i dont think she is going to kill it!!!! why would she!!! its her child and shes a mother!!!!! why would you even ask a question like that!!!!!!and if she wants to go back on zoey 101 then she s... Read More »

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Should you try to raise your baby on your own if you are 15-years-old and want to raise your baby with the father but he does not know if he is ready?

Babies Raising Babies My daughter had a child at 17. She and the father were both children. Raising a child is a great responsibility and I don't think she could have done it without us, her pare... Read More »

Where can you see jamie Lynn baby?

you can watch the pictures on youtube,aol video and other sites....Here:- Read More »

Hey everybody my fiance just had a baby boy "jamie" 6lb 11oz over the moon.yeeehaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!?

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… A gift from God................we needed that to make us happy. congratulations to you and to the mother who did all the hard work. I bet he is as g... Read More »

If two 16 year olds are having a baby and love each enough to raise the baby together what will happen to their relationship?

TOO YOUNGThe odds are extremely high that you will not be in this relationship by or before you turn 20, which is extremely unfortunate for the innocent child. The reason is that you both lack the ... Read More »