Is itmy computer or is youtube hacked?

Answer lol no, that happens sometimes if the page crashes or if it load correctly :D it's happened to me a few times over the course of 5 months. It's nothing to worry about

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help wiht what?? you should have changed your password before posting this Q or else the hacker will do it for you and then what? USE YOUR BRAIN, DIMWIT!

Camera on computer was hacked into taking photos of person using computer, how to trace them?

It's a virus :/ get NORTON VIRUS (software) and do a virus scan. The virus will be detected simply right click and remove it... Also empty your trash... Happens to me often... Also change all passw... Read More »

Someone hacked into my YouTube account and changed the password. And now...?

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My Computer Getting Hacked.?

delete the malware and viruses off your computeralso disable remote connection