Is itching a sign of inflammation?

Answer On One Hand: What is Inflammation?Itching can result in inflammation of the skin. Itching of the skin can leave skin feeling irritated, swollen and agitated. According to the Mayo Clinic, the gener... Read More »

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When your penis is constantly itching what could that be a sign of?

oo oh....dude u get used to life as a woman.

If your breasts are itching all the time is that a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, my breast swelled at first, and they itched all the time. I took a lot of baths!

Are breast itching and headaches a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes. I didn't have either, but I know some friends had both. If you are late you should test.

Is upper back and leg pain as well as itching and a little discharge with no odor a sign of an STD?

Answer It could or could not be a sign. The best thing to do would be to go to your doctor or see a doctor about this to be sure. You can never be 100% positive on what you or a friend thinks. See ... Read More »