Is it wrong to want a baby at 15?

Answer Yes. A 15 year old can't possibly have the means to support a child.

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Is it wrong to want a baby at seventeen?

Its not wrong, but i do warn you that if u are thing of following it through, that many girl that i have known have had babies at your age and say its a lot of hard work and you miss out on a lot o... Read More »

My baby boy is 2 and is not talking could something be wrong?

Something could be wrong. We don't know for sure. He could have autism.

Why do my parents say that it is wrong to have a baby?

Yo Princess.... You can have my baby! errr.. wait... I mean..... you can have me, baby.Oh why does it always sound like I am putting the hard word on for a lil side action?? Check me out.. I'm wear... Read More »

Is it wrong if you are 14 and you and your boyfriend want to have a baby?

Having a Baby at 14 It's not wrong. it's love! It is also a real challenge. LOLWell, at 14 you can't even get married in most states. You have no ability to support or take care of a child. You c... Read More »