Is it wrong to use a neighbour's wireless network without their knowledge?

Answer "Yes... It is illegal... "Not technically - there is no law in place yet about hopping on open wifi connections.There are moral questions about it - if your neighbour left their keys in the ignitio... Read More »

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I have discovered i can use my next door neighbours wireless internet conection is this wrong / illegal?

in a legal sense its totall illegal yeah, personally i say fair game! his fault for not enabling wireless security.go to a command window and type in ipconfig, find the default gateway and type it ... Read More »

Is there a way to stop neighbours for using my wireless interent.i have a pc and laptop on wireless router?

You can enable MAC address filtering on your wireless router and only allow your address to connect to your network. Also enable encryption such as WEP or WPA depending on which router you have.Thi... Read More »

How do i stop my neighbours from connecting to my wireless?

go to your wireless ip adress Click-on the Wireless tab and then click on Wireless Securityenter the followingsSecurity Mode----------WPA2 PersonalWPA Alogorithms-----AESWPA Shared Key------enter a... Read More »

Can neighbours tap into your wireless internet connection?

You need to access your router set-up page, usually in your browser address line (where goes)You will need to set a password. Default settings are usually 'admin' for 'user... Read More »