Is it wrong to trick a vegetarian into eating meat?

Answer Yes.The fact that you had to "trick" someone means you used deception and had malicious intent. You could actually be sued for doing it,.But I think you know that already

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My mother-in-law is comming into town tommorow and is a Vegan. How can I trick her into eating meat...?

Why do you want to hurt her ?This is not a good way to get close to your in-laws.

I tricked a vegetarian friend into eating meat,should I tell them (they don't know)is it important?

u might aswell spike somebody with acid/lsd...or rape somebody....its the same thing....a crime

Why some meat eaters think eating vegetables,fruits are wrong even if they're eating both meat and vegetables?

I've never heard a meat eater say that it's wrong to eat vegetables. The old argument of "But don't plants feel pain too?" is merely the (lame) way in which they seek to justify the cruelty which ... Read More »

I Really want to try eating cat meat, I Like Beef and Goat, Horse, Chicken, I dont see whats wrong with eating?

Apart from societal taboos it may not be the best thing health-wise to eat "cat" meat. Such meat should be considered as game because a cat can and does eat all kinds of things that it can catch ou... Read More »