Is it wrong to sleep the whole time?

Answer I don't see anything wrong with this as you are just catching up on the 3 sleepless days. I once stayed up for 40 hours than slept for 3, then staying up for another 24, then finally sleeping for 1... Read More »

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I sleep all the time....What is wrong with me?

I work at a sleep lab and hear this kind of thing all the time.You should see a sleep physician. There are several possibilites why you are suffering from excessive daytime fatigue. Some of the m... Read More »

My husband sleep the whole day till he goes to work & he sleeps for whole day during sun&satdays what d reason?

Your husband seems to be on a second shift work schedule. There is nothing wrong with him. But when he comes home from work he isn't ready to go straight to bed. He needs time to wind down. And by ... Read More »

I have always loved sleep. i can sleep through my alarm, ect. Is there something wrong?

Oversleeping is as unhealthy as under-sleeping. At the risk of sounding "shrinkish," sleep is sometimes used as a defense mechanism or to escape from unhappiness or something unpleasant. You mentio... Read More »

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