Is it wrong to see your sister naked?

Answer It all depends on age. If your sister is young, then maybe she doesn't care and that's okay. But if she's older than say about 10, then it can't be that good for you or for her.

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Is it wrong to enjoy seeing my sister naked.?

So long as you don't covet it, it's fine to notice. It's normal to like what you saw, but it would be inappropriate to keep trying to get a look without her knowing it.

Can a sister and brother see each other naked?

Yes, it might not be good if anything comes of it though.

Can brother see his sister naked?

No. Your sister would probably feel that her privacy had been invaded. It's best not to see anyone naked until invited to do so.

Should a boy go naked in front of his sister?

WOW! Seriously. You've got some serious problems. This question is just plain wrong. I really think it be SICK DISGUSTING if my brother were to do that. I would go to a boarding school if that woul... Read More »