Is it wrong to masturbate thinking about your teacher's son?

Answer It's not wrong to fantasize at all, it's like a girls version of porn really :PI'd just leave it to people you don't know just incase you get to know him and might feel embarrassed about it.If you ... Read More »

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It is a sin to masturbate when you are thinking about your while sister doing it?

I've been looking at the same question but most of them said its not that weird

Is it wrong to masturbate at work?

Is it wrong to masturbate when i hear my sister having sex?

There is nothing wrong with it. We all find sexual stimulation somewhere. If it makes you horny, then enjoy. Maybe you could record it so that you could use it when you want and not have to wait fo... Read More »

Critical-Thinking Ideas for Teachers?

Students who have developed critical-thinking skills will succeed when asked critical-thinking questions, while students who do not understand critical thinking will fail. Therefore, teachers must ... Read More »