Is it wrong to have a permanent crown place just after a root canal?

Answer NO, it is not wrong to place a crown immediately after a root canal is finished but it would be best to wait a bit, imho, because not all root canal treatment is 100% successful. Root canals have a... Read More »

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How common is it to have to have a root canal done shortly after having a new crown?

It can happen. Removing a lot of the tooth for a crown can cause the tooth to go into "shock" and die. Meaning it needs a root canal. Or it could have been that the tooth was so decayed that it was... Read More »

Can I get invisalign BEFORE I get a crown after a root canal?

No, you must get the crown first. For one thing, you risk major problems with the tooth that had the root canal. Get that taken care of ASAP. Braces can wait.

Who's had a root canal I just had one and now they think I should get a crown. Is this needed?

Placing a dental crown on a molar that has had root canal treatment is pretty much considered to be the "standard of care" for most situations. The dental crown helps protect the tooth from fractur... Read More »

Is it necessary to have a root canal before getting a crown?

On One Hand: It is Not Always NecessaryIt is not always necessary to get a root canal prior to getting a crown. Crowns are necessary to protect a weakened tooth from breaking, to hold together a cr... Read More »