'Is it wrong to get a hard on when your aunt rubs your lower back'?

Answer What would your child be?Your son-cousin?

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Lower back pain after landing on my back on a hard surface.?

It sounds like you injured the muscle fibres of the Latissimus Dorsi muscle in your lower back, and that is causing the pain.

Please help me. What is wrong with my leg, hip, and lower back?

What is wrong with my lower back?

Mine used to do the same thing. You have to stop thinking about it. Thats how i got mine to go away. The mind can do alot of powerful powerful things, it can make you feel pain when you shouldnt r... Read More »

What is wrong when I have a pain in my lower back and it goes down my leg?

** It's probably Sciatica- I went to a chiropractor- It helped a ton!! When I go regulalry I don't have a problem anymore.***Sciatica is a symptom of a problem with the sciatic nerve, a large nerve... Read More »