Is it wrong to eat your neighbor's pet?

Answer Your eyes are on the front of your face and you have these four sharp teeth in your mouth used for tearing and chewing flesh.You evolved to be a carnivore (okay, technically omnivore, but still not... Read More »

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Is it wrong to use neighbors wi-fi?

First: In the United States and most other technically sophisticated countries, it's illegal.Whether you do this for gaming or to steal their credit card information, you have entered someone else... Read More »

How to Cope With Feelings of Love for the Wrong Person at the Wrong Time?

Was it wrong of me to teach my child the wrong numbers, colors, and letters?

Honestly Court, you did most of us parents with really stupid kids a favor. Now all of our special ed kids seem really smart compared to your idiot kid. I am definitely nominating you for Parent of... Read More »

How to Spy on Neighbors?

Often times, you'll find that something or someone in your neighborhood merits attention. More often, you'll find that fulfilling that requirement is awkward or illegal. Here's where the spying com... Read More »