Is it wrong to eat your neighbor's pet?

Answer Your eyes are on the front of your face and you have these four sharp teeth in your mouth used for tearing and chewing flesh.You evolved to be a carnivore (okay, technically omnivore, but still not... Read More »

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Is it wrong to use neighbors wi-fi?

First: In the United States and most other technically sophisticated countries, it's illegal.Whether you do this for gaming or to steal their credit card information, you have entered someone else... Read More »

Can your neighbors listen in on your phone conversations with a baby monitor?

It's possible if the phone and the monitors work in the same broadcast frequency.Most do not, however. Modern cordless phones operate in the 2.4ghz wavelength, and older ones operate in the 900mhz ... Read More »

Can a condo association list your name as delinquent in a newsletter to your neighbors?

Depending on where you live, this could be common.In Japan, for example, people who do not pay assessments on time can find their names written on a board in front of the elevator on their floor. C... Read More »

Anyone ever was given a wrong order or was your order done the wrong way when ordering your food->?

Not me but when I was out with my mom she asked for a vanilla frozen yogurt and they gave her a banana one instead since she pronounces the v as b and ended up saying banilla. I couldn't stop laugh... Read More »