Is it wrong to eat during sex?

Answer Your boyfriend sounds as though he is lacking in compassion and creativeness. My girlfriend is also diabetic and must continually snack. At first I was rather put off by her munching during our coi... Read More »

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Is it "wrong" to "help yourself" during sex?

I think it is a very hot thing to do, and so will your guy. Then you have the sensation of both for maximum pleasure!Sorry if you hand gets tired - want some help?PS: This is WAY better than faking... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have cramps and back aches during pregnancy?

Answer If you are pregnant and you are having problems, you should contact a doctor right away. It could be anything. Even if you are not planning on continuing the pregnancy, you should still cont... Read More »

If a Hard Drive generates sound like scratching during operations,does is mean something wrong?

Turn your computer off IMMEDIATELY. It has a short time to live. (I've seen this many times). Here is what I have done. I have run to STAPLES and picked up a similar size drive that I know ... Read More »

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