Is it wrong to drown your sorrows in Rum and Coke?

Answer depends how sorrowful i felt. i might just roll a big fat doobie and relax....or get drunk like a pig on JACK AND COKE!!!!!

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How many times a day do you drown your sorrows...?

What tastes nicer: cherry coke, coke, diet coke, dr pepper?

Given the choice, ordinary coke - but what's the matter with good old lemonade ! ! !

What is your favorite wine to drink to chill your sorrows?

Well I drink Blackberry Merlot, but not to drown my sorrows. You see, I'm a Dodger fan so there will be no need to be sorrowful. However, there will be plenty of celebration this year as Dodger Blu... Read More »

How to Level Fast in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows?

By dealing 2 damage to the Iron Golem in The Wizardry Lab you can level up very fast