Is it wrong to call your lover Capt Hook when in the throws of ecstasy?

Answer Not at all8>>>>>>>>>SteveC

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Um hello what's your status & how do you add your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover relationship to Facebook?

It also doesn't allow you to put a specific room as an address. Yes I live with my mom but I do have my own room that she isn't allowed in......except to get my laundry. Yes ladies, the perfect m... Read More »

How to Make Your Bestfriend Become Your Perfect Lover?

After flirting with your best friend with no intention of the person becoming your partner.

How to Romance Your Lover?

There is a big misconception between love and romance. While there are numerous definitions and opinions out there, I would keep it simple and short. Romance ignites love in a relationship. When lo... Read More »

Anyone ever was given a wrong order or was your order done the wrong way when ordering your food->?

Not me but when I was out with my mom she asked for a vanilla frozen yogurt and they gave her a banana one instead since she pronounces the v as b and ended up saying banilla. I couldn't stop laugh... Read More »