Is it wrong to ask your boyfriend who he has slept with?

Answer I would ask, if I wanted to know. Sweetie you have to protect yourself. If you know that one of his ex's are nasty or something, you need to know if he slept with her or not so you will know what... Read More »

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Is it wrong to sleep with your ex boyfriend?

no its okay i had sex with one my ex's off and on for years.its was great

I slept with my new boyfriend for the first time yesturday, we didnt use anything (i know, dont shout at me)?

Old and mature enough to have sex, yet too immature to talk about it....pitiful!!!!!!!

What would you do if your sister slept with your husband?

Nothing. Pack up and move on. It's hard to come to terms with, but once you get started on a new life you will be happy. They obviously don't care about you, so you have no moral obligation to care... Read More »

Is it wrong if you are 14 and you and your boyfriend want to have a baby?

Having a Baby at 14 It's not wrong. it's love! It is also a real challenge. LOLWell, at 14 you can't even get married in most states. You have no ability to support or take care of a child. You c... Read More »