Is it wrong of me to be playing on the computer while my coworker is working?

Answer Absolutley. get back to work slacker....oh crap, here comes my boss..gotta go.....

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My ialmrnt5 display driver stopped working properly while I was playing Sims 3.... HELP?

Sounds like your display driver Crapped out. This can happen rarely and not be a problem but if it keeps happening, Go to Control Panel/ System Settings/ Device Manager/ and under the display adapt... Read More »

My laptop just started freezing up while playing video games. What could be wrong?

Being a laptop, I would say it's overheating. Could buy something like this… it might help.

Computer problems while playing WoW?

Your laptop does not have enough graphics/video power to run the game. There is no fix other than getting a better laptop.

My computer working fine but there is one thing wrong?

Like Katie said, if that doesn't work, re-install your browser.