Is it wrong if a father bathes with a 4 yr old girl?

Answer no, why would it be? He is her father. yes it infant i dont think there is a problem with it but at4 yrs old that little girl is starting to discover everything....and technically that cou... Read More »

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If a girl has gotten pregnant at fifteen years old and is now sixteen and the father is now eighteen can the father go to jail?

Answer No the father wont go to jail Answer If you are not married to him, and he was under 18 when you got pregnant - YESStates establish AOC laws and when and how those laws are applied. When b... Read More »

Can a 16 yr old girl give up her baby for adoption without the father's concent if the father has not odtained paternity and is not on the birth certificate?

What's wrong with my 58 year old father?

I think your father needs to see a different doctor as soon as possible. If there's been an obvious change in your father's health, it's not enough for his doctor to say, 'I don't see anything wron... Read More »

Does the mother always end up with custody even if the father has not done anything wrong?

Answer In Oklahoma she does. Despite talk to the contrary, there is little equality in Family courts. You should get a consultation with an experienced Family law attorney in your town. They usu... Read More »