Is it wrong for me to enter God's house with my cap& baggy jeans?

Answer On One Hand: Some Churches Will Not Appreciate Such AttireMany churches worship in a reverential way, thus leading to the congregants wearing formal attire. This would include wearing nice slacks a... Read More »

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What is wrong with my house plant?

Sounds like a Sago Palm. Three things could be the cause. #1 Root Rot #2 insects #3 Root Bound. Either way you need to take it out of the pot to get a good look at what is really going on. Look ... Read More »

For those who appreciate the gods of music...who are your gods of art?

We dial the wrong number at this one house / whenever someone calls here they get the wrong number?

Can a bailiff enter my house for someone else's goods?

A bailiff can not enter your house to take goods that belong to someone else. The bailiff serves as the person selected by a court to impose a court judgment. Call your local police department and ... Read More »