Is it worthwhile to switch over to PC security essentials ?

Answer If you mean Microsoft Security Essentials the answer is Yes! It's free and excellent. Never mind what some people say, they just mistrust Microsoft. MSE does a great job and works a lot better than... Read More »

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Is Microsoft Security Essentials good?

MSE used to be ranked pretty good but recently the protection has gone down to unusuable levels. You are better off with Avast, Avira, or AVG free versions.

Microsoft Security Essentials not recognized as on?

MSE works well on vista & Win 7 but no so on XP, i would remove MSE & put free Avast on the PC.Editfree Avira comes with ask toolbar nowadays, so I would not use it.How about trying free bitdefende... Read More »

Is Microsoft Security Essentials adequate?

There is MSE and then there is a FAKE MSE- u sound like ur infected with the fake MSEThe fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert is a Trojan that attempts to trick you into thinking you are infect... Read More »

How good is microsoft security essentials?

Avast is one decent segment of a layered defense.Essentials is still 'green' in terms of it's use-life and overall user reviews, but currently is enjoying good reviews: perhaps this will be revised... Read More »