How much is a 1950's ge refrigerator worth still in working condition?

Answer If it is in working order with everything pristine (chrome, paint etc).... restored like new.... depending on the model 500 to 2000 if the buyer can show it off...If it is rusty or beat up... if th... Read More »

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Where can I find out how much an old Snoopy working telephone is worth?

Antique stores and auction houses both earn their living from buying or consigning product low and selling high. Typically, the markup is 500 percent. Take your phone to three antique dealers who s... Read More »

How much is sir Alan sugar worth worth?

My opera, internet explorer and monzilla are not working whereas google chrome is working what to do now?

Check if your firewall is blocking the programs, usually there is one in your router and on your pc. Anti-Virus programs may have them built in as well. Try uninstalling Mozilla and opera and reins... Read More »

Why are Phillips CD player speakers not working but earphone jack is working?