Is it worth trying to fix a water damaged lcd screen?

Answer It's worth it if:1. The lcd screen has no ink blots or bleed areas.2. The extent of the water damage is minimal. If the water was splashed or sprayed(like a beer spray). 3. The extent of the water ... Read More »

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What can i do in college at age 31 is it worth trying.?

Can an LCD TV damaged by lightning-caused electrical surge be repaired If so, would it be worth it?

The Emerson TV started out life as junk and that was when it worked. Now it is still junk that just doesn't work. Seriously though, it is not worth trying to get fixed, which could cost several hun... Read More »

Is my Macbook's screen damaged?

If it was damaged, you would see it.For the PC fanboys:This is what we mean when we talk about quality of components. Unlike PC laptops, there is not a flimsy plastic sheet in front of the LCD scre... Read More »

Iam trying to understand this why does water have a expiration date Its WATER?

That assume the water has been in the sun whichs makes chemicals leach into the water or has been frozen which does the same when thawed so if it is kept either refrigerated or out of either of the... Read More »