Is it worth pursuing surgery for canine abdominal hemangiosarcomas on the spleen?

Answer On One Hand: Without Surgery, the Dog Will Bleed to DeathThe cancer is a malignant tumor within the spleen that will start to bleed. Bleeding tumors can start and stop at any time. During the bleed... Read More »

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Canine Spleen Tumor?

Veterinarians commonly find tumors in the spleens of older dogs, typically age 8 to 10 years. Larger breed dogs are at a higher risk for developing these tumors. Spleen masses are usually discovere... Read More »

The Mortality of Canine Spleen Cancer?

Canine spleen cancer, called splenic hemangiosarcoma, typically affects dogs between eight and 13 years old, though it can occur at any age. Large dogs carry the most risk, with German shepherds th... Read More »

Canine Hip Dysplasia Surgery Cost?

Hip dysplasia can be a painful disease. If your dog has a severe form of hip dysplasia, surgery may be your best option. Though not cheap, these surgeries can give your dog a better, happier life.

How to Help a Canine Recover From Liver Surgery?

The liver is the largest gland in the body. Part of the digestive system, the liver has several key functions in maintaining the health of your dog. It converts simple nutrient molecules into large... Read More »