Is it worth it to shut off fluorescent lights when you leave the room?

Answer On One Hand: It Saves EnergyWhen a fluorescent light bulb is turned on, there is a small power surge that leaves many wondering if it is worth actually shutting the light off. However, the surge is... Read More »

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Is it cost efficient to shut off fluorescent lights for short periods?

According to the United States Department of Energy, it is usually cost-efficient to turn off fluorescent lights if you will be leaving them off for at least 15 minutes. If you will be turning the ... Read More »

When were fluorescent lights invented?

Fluorescent lights were invented in Germany by Meyer, Spanner and Germer; a U.S. patent application was filed for their invention in 1927. The application was acquired by General Electric for $180,... Read More »

When working with fluorescent lights that are flickering, how do you know if the ballast or the bulbs are bad?

Most of the time, flickering fluorescents are an indication of a tube nearing failure. If there is a blackening of the tube near the "hot" end, it's time to replace the bulb. However, if you hear... Read More »

Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent lights?

On One Hand: Fluorescents Can Be Used as Grow LightsFluorescent lights come in many types. Full-spectrum fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to find and use. A full-spectrum fl... Read More »