Is it worth it to make extra payments on a car loan?

Answer On One Hand: You'll Save Considerable Money on InterestPaying extra on your car loan each month reduces your principle balance faster than if you simply make your minimum payment each month, which ... Read More »

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How do I calculate extra payments for a loan?

Find Loan InformationLook up all the basic information on your loan. You need to know the amount borrowed, the month in which repayment began, the number of months in your repayment term and the in... Read More »

Is it worth paying sgd230 more to buy canon sx1 is compare to sx10 is just for extra features. Is it worth paying extra SGD230 for HD movie recording and quick continuous shooting?

You can zoom but for unknown reason it only uses digital zoom, not optical. Which causes a lot of noises on the video

How to Make Car Loan Payments?

Cars are as important to most families as roofs over their heads. Needless to say, you probably will have to make payments on the vehicle. Fortunately, there are many ways to make car loan payments.

How to Make CFS Loan Payments Online?

CFS, a devision of Chase Bank, is a loan provider that deals mostly with student loans or other types of financial aid for students. If you have a CFS loan, you can make payments online by going to... Read More »