Is it worth going to the doc after my ex violently attacked me & choked me?

Answer Go to the doctor.Even if a doctor can't make you feel better it will be benificial in your case against your ex.The doctor will probably give you meds to make you more comfortable as well so it's k... Read More »

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Why do you cough so many times after you choked on water?

The water wasn't in your throat. You cough because the water was in your lungs. Your body automatically thinks you are drowning, and coughing is the bodies reaction to expel the water from your lungs.

What do you feel like after youve choked on food?

You would feel rather exhausted through all of the coughing that you would do trying to expel the food...............

Can the body be in so much pain it can go in shock after being attacked?

Yes, I think that is the case. It is like the mountain climber who had to cut his own arm off in order to survive when he was trapped by a boulder (I think the movie was called 180 Hours - James Fr... Read More »

How long does it take for a baby box turtle's shell to grow back after being attacked by a dog?

It may take months or years for a turtle shell to heal completely. A turtle bitten by a dog needs prompt medical attention from a veterinarian to prevent a serious and sometimes fatal bacterial in... Read More »