Is it worth getting memory for an old windows 98 computer?

Answer Maybe. I have been playing around with Ubuntu Linux on some of these older PC with good results. As for Win 98. Trash it.-tcw

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Should I Put 4GB of Memory in My Computer With Windows XP?

A job interview is the place where you make or break your chances for getting a job. The application process and development of your resume are for one purpose: to get the interview. In the intervi... Read More »

What is low virtual memory on a computer with Windows XP?

A low virtual memory message on a computer with Windows XP means that you have to increase your virtual memory paging file. Your computer uses virtual memory to augment your RAM hardware.References... Read More »

How much computer memory is needed for Windows XP Pro?

Microsoft recommends 28 megabytes or more of memory for Windows XP Professional. You can use as little as 64 megabytes, however this may limit your performance and affect some applications. Genera... Read More »

Low computer memory (windows xp) advice?

Dont use window themes or wallpapers, Those 1,000 icons on your desktop are killing you. Close 3/4 of the crap in your start bar. Go into your startup directory and tell all that stuff not to load ... Read More »