Is it worth getting another GFX card (amd 6870) to crossfire with my existing one?

Answer sure, if you feel that spending another $150 - $200 just to have multiple monitors running is worth it, sure. you would also get more stable fps with two graphics cards, but make sure you have a bi... Read More »

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No video card RAM XFX Double D 6870?

Did you plug in the two extra PCI-E 6 pin power connectors? Without those, the card may not run properly. Next question, is your power supply good enough (large enough) to power that video card? Mo... Read More »

Whats better Crossfire or Single card?

Both cards in crossfire if there not crossfired one won't do anything.

Can you use an NVIDIA graphics card on ATI Crossfire boards?

You cannot use an NVIDIA SLI graphics card together with an ATI Crossfire or CrossfireX card. The original version of Crossfire employed an external connector for the two cards rather than the inte... Read More »

How do I activate an AT&T sim card under an existing account?

Automatically activate an AT&T SIM cardTake the SIM card out of the phone. To activate a SIM card on another AT&T phone, simply take the SIM card out of the old phone and put it in the new phone. T... Read More »