Is it worth buying the ipod touch 3g 32gb?

Answer It depends on what you like. If you listen to a lot of music all of the time, then yes, it is worth buying. However, if you don't like to listen to a lot of music, or barely do, then it is not wo... Read More »

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Is the 8gb ipod touch worth buying.?

i'd get a 16gb . The ipod touch is amazing! it has simply everything! the internet is super fast too! i'd get an ipod touch and then get the 3.0 firmware update on itunes because it comes with ... Read More »

I would like to get the ipod touch 32gb but the ipod classic holds more and it's less money which sould i get?

i had the same dilemma. i came to the conclusion that since the touch has more applications and things to do, i would get that as i can hook up to the net, add things, etc. on top of listening to m... Read More »

16 or 32GB iPod touch?

Totally depends on how much space you need. I have a 16gig iphone and I dont even have to think about space. For music, the 32 is totally uneccesary. Only consider it if your going to have 15-20... Read More »

8Gb or 32GB Ipod touch?

no doubt get the 32. Movies take about 4gb. and if you want 1000 songs that's a GB and a half. And you will always have room for apps