Is it worth buying an ipod if it doesnt work anymore after 2 years?

Answer Heck No!!!

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If an individual plans to work to age 70 is it worth keeping disability insurance after age 62 if it only pays to age 65 or not less than 5 years?

Answer If you have adequate funds set aside to retire today or pay your monthly bills without continued income today than no, you don't need to keep it. Keep in mind that the older you get the m... Read More »

Where can I download youtube videos to mp3 I used to use but it doesnt work anymore?

Downloading videos to mp3 can be a bit tricky sometimes. Myself, I always use VDownloader ( to download my .mp3's and I never had any problem. I don't know if you already... Read More »

After i updated my hp laserjet 1020 driver it doesnt connect to microsoft office 2010 anymore?

Go in the START menu and click on Accessories / System restore and restore your computer to an earlier date. That will give you back your system when the printer was working. I suggest going back a... Read More »

Ipod repair - I went for a swim with my ipod! i let it dry for past 2 days, buyt still doesnt work. Any ideas?

I hate to say this... buy the exact same one from walmart... wait a week and return the broken one!