Is it worth buying a plasma?

Answer LED has great viewing angles but very expensive, I don't think it's worth it. All of my televisions are LCDs. Definitely get an LCD.

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I'm buying a new TV - Should I get plasma or LCD?

The ADVANTAGES of Plasma over LCD are: 1. Larger screen size availability. 2. Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks. 3. Better color accuracy and saturation. 4. Better motion tr... Read More »

Do u think buying a $1,000 plasma tv is a bad move?

Depends on how much money you have. If you don't have $1000 to use on just anything then don't do it!

Thinking of buying a 47"tv whats best LCD or PLASMA any advice?

there are few main differences Plasma-you will get a greater picture on a plasma you will not get a blury picture from any fast motions like football games.they do get a little bit hotter then LCDS... Read More »

Is buying a plasma better than an LCD HDTV or vice versa?

Sorry ! Sharp do not made any Plasma TV. Sharp only made good LCD TV from the pass 20 years, the world first LCD TV is from Sharp. any way, mose maker soon give out Plasma TV.If you are only looki... Read More »