Is it worth buying a car with a three cylinder?

Answer On One Hand: On One Hand: Fuel Efficiency MattersVehicles with three-cylinder engines are rare in the U.S. However, those that have been produced generally get excellent gas mileage. The 1995 Geo M... Read More »

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If you are buying a laptop is it worth getting it with vista or is xp ok?

Vista is far superior than XP. Sure it has bugs, but most of these have now been ironed out and your laptops manufacturer will make sure that everything is running smoothly.Vista connects to the in... Read More »

I-joy chair.....anyone have experience with it Worth buying?

only tried it in the stores and they feel pretty darn good, though sometimes it looks a little unusual to see the moves that your body will make ... but I'm considering one myself, I do think they ... Read More »

Is it worth buying a router with this modem problem?

Hey man you shouldn't have a problem connecting your ps3. The ps3 has it's own server. And it should have wifi instored it. It should connect to almost any open wireless network. Alot of wireless n... Read More »

Bio-Oil. Is it worth buying?

I had a scar on my face from an injury that responded very well. It was a slow process (about 12 weeks) but it did look much better.It only needed a tiny bottle and didn't even use all of that but ... Read More »