Is it wise to give medical advice here?

Answer The real question is should someone be asking medical advice here. ;-) This is a forum of discussions and opinions. No one is held liable.

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Why do so many people come here looking for medical advice?

People come here for medical advice because conventional medicine is not meeting their needs. Many have had it with conventional medicine and its focus on ineffective pharmaceutical drugs that are ... Read More »

Does anyone here know how to clean a room What advice would you give to a chronic procrastinator?

You should start in one corner first...maybe get some black bags in case you want to throw some stuff out... ??? Clean from top to bottom always... Start in one corner and finish that corner befor... Read More »

If you are carrying medical insurance is it necessary or wise to also get medical payments coverage as part of your auto insurance?

Answer It is not required. Please keep in mind medical insurance on an auto policy only pays in the excess of what your work med doesnt pay.It is a good idea to have the medical payments on your po... Read More »

You all know me here do you think i should give up answering questions here trying to run a business is hard.?

Your the best one to answer that. All who know you have respect for you. Any help you give is good in my opinion.