Is it wise for me to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista?

Answer YOU SHOULD NOT UPGRADE TO VISTA. Vista was a big disappointment. XP's much better than vista. The only reason you would upgrade to vista is for the look and for games. Vista supports the directx 10... Read More »

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How to Upgrade to Vista 64 Bit From 32 Bit OEM on Windows Vista Home Premium?

A 32-bit operating system, or OS, can't process more than 4GB of random access memory, or RAM. A 64-bit OS, however, breaks that 4GB barrier; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit can process up to 8GB... Read More »

How to Upgrade From Windows 2000 Professional to Windows Vista?

Since Microsoft has discontinued support for the Windows 2000 operating system, anyone using a PC running Windows 2000 should upgrade to a current version of the Windows operating system. Unfortuna... Read More »

How to Upgrade To Windows Vista from an Older Version of Windows?

You cannot upgrade to Vista from 2000. It cannot be done. You must use the "Custom" option. This how-to will tell you how to do that.

Can you upgrade from Windows 95 to Vista?

You cannot upgrade a computer directly from Windows 95 to Windows Vista. The operating system installation must be performed as a clean install. Check the system requirements for Windows Vista befo... Read More »