Is it weird to want a baby when you are 18?

Answer of course not

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What's something weird that happened to you while you were delivering your baby?

I have two funny stories.With my son they broke my water when I was 4 cm dilated, and told my husband I would be in labor for another couple of hours and it was "fine" if he went outside to make ph... Read More »

How to Be a Weird Baby in Club Penguin?

Who wants to be a cute Club Penguin baby, when you can be weird!When you pretend to be part of a family on Club Penguin, Club Penguin mother tend to show of their babies like trophies for being cut... Read More »

Have u ever seen/heard anything weird on the baby monitor!?

Audio monitorA coyote killing our cat, right outside our sons window.We didn't know what was happening at the time; we thought it was a cat fight until we found her fur. This was only a couple of ... Read More »

What stupid/weird things does your baby laugh at?

His own burps! I suppose he is a boy!Lol he also laughs at my version of Moooooonpig dot com! hahahahahaHe's been on a special diet to help him gain weight & grabbing his thighs whilst exclaiming "... Read More »