Is it weird to like the scent of my vagina (graphic)?

Answer Whens the taste test going to occur?Get back to us with that will ya?

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Does your vagina feel weird after sex?

Some people might say it does, especially if they are not sexually active often.

Is it normal for a woman's vagina to get all foamy(like alka seltzer) and smell like a musty basement after?

Why do I always read your Q's right before lunch?

Which Victoria's Secert scent do you like?

I love Coconut Sugar I use it all the time and I love just love the scent love spell thats definitely one were you go and try it and you just have to buy it. I would definitely reccomend buying lov... Read More »

How many of you like scented candles and whats your favorate seasonal scent?

Cinnamon and apple is my favorite scent of scented candle, but my favorite seasonal scent is the smell of freshly mown grass.