Is it weird to go to a bar alone?

Answer Nope but is prefer if you go with someone is more safer I go hangout with my friends once in a while. I love going out alone but not too much otherwise people will think i am rich when i am not ric... Read More »

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Would this be too weird?

No it would not be weird.I am in high school right now and I add/get added by plenty of people that I haven't seen since elementary school.You guys should start talking. Catch up with each other.Th... Read More »

Is this weird?

That is not normal or acceptable. If you weren't happy with him doing it and if you were asleep no way should he have done it. This may sound really harsh sweetie but considering your age gap and w... Read More »

This is a little weird..but?

I think it's because your other farts burnt out your nose powers, therefore you no longer smell your farts....but we do.

How to Be Weird and Different?

Being in the "in crowd" is not always the coolest thing. Being different and unique can be awesome too! Even being weird.