Is it weird to get someones number off FB?

Answer If she didn't want people to have access to her number, she wouldn't have put it on her profile.

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Is it illegal to Google someones name(s), weird yes but illegal?

No, it's not illegal. The schools in our city just sent a flyer home to parents that told them that they should google their teen's name monthly to check and see what they are up to.

How to Ask for Someones Number at a Dance Party?

A Dance PartyAsking for a number at a dance party amid the noise, dancing, and drinks requires dexterity, a solid voice, and a hopeful heart!

If I've got someones mobile number would I need a code?

I don't know really but by the other answers you've got I'd say no lol not at you by the way.

How do i find someones name with just a telephone number?

Well.....all of the answers are good but if you do go to the website, and do the reverse phone lookup, it will only tell you the number IF it's a published number and IF it's a landl... Read More »