Is it weird to compare some turkish food to pizza rolls?

Answer Weird isn't the correct word. Inappropriate is the correct word.If your wraps tasted like pizza rolls, then whoever cooked them didn't cook them right. It's silly to conclude from this that all t... Read More »

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Can a food processor be used to prepare dough for pizza and rolls and other yeast products?

Food processors do not have "dough hooks" like stationary mixers like a "KitchenAid". The blades of a food processor are not equal to the task of blending dough. However, initial ingredients can be... Read More »

What are some really weird food combinations that are good?

Tuna in mac and cheese is awesome. It's like a tuna melt(can't find them in the S only in northern states).Pickled pigs feet(take meat off of bones) add to peanut butter and cracked pepper stir del... Read More »

What are some restaurants that deliver (not fast food i.e. pizza)?

Chinese.........kind of depends on where you live

How to Cook Pizza Rolls?

In case you don't know how to make pizza rolls...