Is it weird that i eat nothing but grapes?

Answer Well, I wouldnt say it's weird, just not very healthy. Do you not like anything else, or are grapes just all you have to eat? You really need to get some protein from meat or tofu. Also different t... Read More »

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What is the difference between muscadine grapes&regular grapes?

Muscadine grapes are one of the many types of grape varietals. While muscadine grapes have many similarities to table grapes, which are commonly thought of as "regular grapes," they also have many ... Read More »

What is that weird smell that some brand new electronics have?

Hi thereOften appliances are packaged in plastic bags , and it can be from the bags , or the plastics in the device themselves that can gas out., leading to a strong odour.In electronics manufactur... Read More »

Is it weird that I hate foods that most people love?

Dont worry,lol i also hate bacon and coffee,everyone has their own choice.i mean some people love that food and some might not.hope this helps.

A friend of mine says that raisins are actually shriveled up grapes. is this true?