Is it weird that i am 20 and i am in love and have *** with a 57 year old?

Answer You can't help who you have feelings each his own... as long as you're not hurting anyone I don't see a problem. The only thing that would leave me to believe there is a problem is that yo... Read More »

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Is it weird that I hate foods that most people love?

Dont worry,lol i also hate bacon and coffee,everyone has their own choice.i mean some people love that food and some might not.hope this helps.

Can a 15 year old girl that lives in Ohio have children with a 20 year old man that lives in New York and not get him into trouble with the police?

No. Not only is sex going to be illegal, if he travels across state lines with her he could face Federal charges.

How does a 13-year-old with a 13-year-old boyfriend tell her parents that she's going to have a baby in 7 months?

Answer There is no easy way to do it. Sit them down when they are well rested and not hungry (if they are tired and hungry, it spells trouble). Tell them you have been irresponsible. Parents want y... Read More »

What song have you heard recently that you fell in love with?

Saving Abel - 18 Days (I've had the CD for months, but I just discovered this song)